Research facilities

The Munich Metropolitan Region has a large number of research institutes. Among them there are academic and non-academic research institutions as well as numerous private research companies. 

Since the 1960 Munich has a focus on physics. The research reactor placed in Garching was the beginning of research in the Munich Metropolitan Region. A large number of research follwed by time.


Information technology is now one of the key industries in the Munich Metropolitan Region. The Technical University of Munich is a leader in the field of mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft maintains some institutions in the region. This benefit companies such as Microsoft, which has its european headquarters here. 


The field of medicine and life sciences has a strong presence in the region too. This includes excellent teaching hospitals and research on genetic engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutrition / biogenic raw materials. Also the Max-Planck-Institut of Psychiatry is located here. 


Another, but not less important field is the law sciences. The Max-Planck-Society has Institutes for competition law, tax law and international social law in Munich. Not at least the headquarters of the European Patent Office was arraged in Munich in 1977. 


The Munich Metropolitan Region has a focus in the automotive sector aswell. In addition to the major car manufacturers Audi, BMW and MAN you can find a variety of smaller, but highly innovative research companies in this field.


Also the aviation and space research in the Munich Metropolitan Region is represented. For example the German Aerospace Centre in Oberpfaffenhofen and EADS, which manufactures parts for the European air and space programm.