Business working group

The aim of the Business working group is to consolidate and build on the outstanding strengths of the Munich Metropolitan Region as a whole, to make it even more attractive to companies and qualified labor, and to improve its visibility worldwide.

The prosperity of the Munich Metropolitan Region and its ability to compete are rooted to a very large extent in companies' ability to develop and market innovative products and services that are in demand around the globe. Aware of this, the Business working group organizes information and events to specifically support the development of networks and cooperative ventures within the region.

The specialized working groups Attractive Employers and Cultural and Creative Industries currently operate under the aegis of the Business working group (see below).

Strategic and operational goals of the Business working group

  • To further develop the region's economic prosperity

  • To preserve and selectively support further development of its mix of industries

  • To strengthen companies' innovation processes

  • To establish sustainability as a guiding principle of economic activity

  • To promote the collaborative marketing of the economic region, focusing on its high quality of life

  • To inventory the importance of relevant industries and accompany their dynamic development

  • To ramp up participation, network building and cooperation

Business working group: sponsors and contacts


The Business working group is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria, represented by Deputy Director Peter Kammerer, and the City of Munich, represented by Kurt Kapp, Deputy Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Development.

Who to contact

Eva Puckner
City of Munich
Department of Labor and Economic Development
Phone: +49 (0) 89 233 - 216 26


Dr. Robert Obermeier
Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria
Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 5116 - 1243

Specialized working group: Cultural and Creative Industries

Cultural and creative industries make a significant contribution to the region's GDP. Indeed, they constitute its third-largest sector of business, after automotive engineering and the chemical industry. Yet their importance to the economy is still often underestimated.

Data report on the cultural and creative industries

To lay a firm foundation for its work going forward, the specialized working group collaborated with the City of Munich's Department of Arts and Culture and the Department of Labor and Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria and film and TV production funding agency FilmFernsehFonds Bayern to produce a Fundamental Study of the Importance of the Cultural and Creative Industries to the Munich Metropolitan Region. The study was published in November 2012.



The clear findings of the study exceeded the expectations of the initiators and experts alike. The cultural and creative industries in the Munich Metropolitan Region comprise a colorful kaleidoscope of small, medium-sized and large companies representing traditional cultural disciplines and innovation-driven aspects of the creative economy. Together, they occupy an outstanding position compared to other German regions.



Data report

Download the summary of the report

"Creative. Successful in the Munich Metropolitan Region" roadshow

Despite the impressive figures, the cultural and creative industries are still often underestimated. This is largely due to their inherently fragmented nature, with many small groups operating in widely differing fields - everything from the art market to the music industry, from the performing arts and design to the press and advertising. In this sphere in particular, it is not easy to see the big picture.

The specialized working group responded to this situation by launching a series of events that, since the end of 2013, has been touring the Munich Metropolitan Region with the aim of raising the industry's visibility. The roadshow is entitled "Creative. Successful in the Munich Metropolitan Region".

Roadshow events held in counties and communities focused on forging network links between cultural and creative workers and with representatives of other branches of industry in the region. Another aim was to promote dialogue between public departments and the industry, asking the question: In the view of creative companies, what is already working well and where is there still room for improvement?

More information about the roadshow is also provided in the section on "Events".

Sponsors and contacts


The specialized working group for the Cultural and Creative Industries is sponsored by Feierwerk e.V., represented by Managing Director Ernst Wolfswinkler.

Who to contact

Ernst Wolfswinkler
Managing Director, Feierwerk e.V.

Who to contact:

Jürgen Enninger
Kompetenzzentrum Kultur-
und Kreativwirtschaft LH München