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The governing bodies of the EMM association are the General Meeting, the Steering Committee and the Board of Management. Content issues are addressed mainly in the context of working groups, specialized working groups and project groups, each of which tackles issues of importance to the region.



The General Meeting of the association elects the Steering Committee every two years and ratifies the actions of the Board of Management. It also approves membership fees based on proposals by the Board of Management, approves the budget and passes resolutions on amendments to the Articles of Association and on the dissolution of the association. The General Meeting currently convenes twice a year. Each ordinary member has one vote.



The EMM e.V. Steering Committee is restricted to a maximum of 60 members. Its 32 current members with voting rights represent banks, regional authorities, the business community and society at large, as well as including five co-opted members from various bodies in the Bavarian state government, the government of Upper Bavaria and the relevant planning associations, plus twelve representatives of the EMM e.V. working groups.

The primary purpose of the Steering Committee is to elect the Board of Management, choose the auditor, make recommendations about the strategic orientation and ongoing development of the association, define the agenda, submit proposals to the Board of Management on the establishment of working groups and their support organizations, and define projects pursuant to proposals by the working groups.

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Steering Committee

Current members of the Steering Committee.


The Board of Management of EMM e.V. is made up of the Chairman of the Board of Management (Dieter Reiter, Mayor of Munich), the first and second Vice Chairmen (Regional Councilor Christoph Göbel , County of Munich, and  Peter Saalfrank, Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Swabia), a treasurer, a secretary and eleven observers. Its composition breaks down into eight representatives of regional authorities and eight representatives of the business community and society at large.

The principal job of the Board of Management is to lead the association within the framework of its Articles of Association and subject to resolutions approved by the General Meeting and the Steering Committee. The Board of Management's responsibilities include making decisions about the strategic orientation and ongoing development of the association, presenting the annual accounts, an annual report and an annual budget, determining the inclusion and exclusion of members, appointing a Managing Director, and submitting proposals on membership fees to the General Meeting.

Board of Management

Current members of the Board of Management



To discharge its duties, the Board of Management appoints a Managing Director, whose activities it oversees, and sets up a Head Office. Wolfgang Wittmann took office as Managing Director on July 1, 2013.

Head Office supports the association's governing bodies and working groups, establishes communication channels and simplifies the work of the regional network. By producing a regular newsletter and by means of online and offline communication channels, Head Office keeps members and the general public informed of the activities of the association and its members. Members pay an annual membership fee to fund staff who are on the association's payroll.



Working groups

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The work of the EMM e.V. association centers around the activities of what are four six working groups. In these groups, actors representing political bodies, administrations, the business community and other social groupings within the metropolitan region work together to address specific topics and develop concrete projects. Essentially, any actor in any of these areas is free to be involved in such group work, provided they have the resources needed to support active involvement and are prepared to contribute them to the relevant projects.










Working groups
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