Labor market in the Munich Metropolitan Region

The Munich Metropolitan Region is a knowledge hub that boasts an outstanding schooling and education system and an array of excellent universities and research institutes. No wonder employers in the region can draw on an extremely well educated labor pool.

The Munich Metropolitan Region too suffers from a shortage of qualified labor in certain industries and professions, albeit not nearly as acutely as many other regions. That is because employees willingly move to the region. And that explains why this is one of the few economic regions whose population is continuing to grow.



What is the situation regarding qualified labor in your industry? And what will it look like in 2030? Bavaria's Chambers of Commerce and Industry have developed a tool to analyze and forecast the supply and demand of qualified labor in the Free State as a whole and in its individual regions between now and 2030. This tool (available in German only) lets you calculate and visualize online the development of supply and demand in your industry and your region through 2030.

Labor market forecasting tool

Go to the labor market forecasting tool used by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Bavaria: