Timber and forestry

In both economic and social policy terms, the timber and forestry industry is one of the most important sectors in the Munich Metropolitan Region. Alongside forestry, timber processing, woodworking, the pulp and paper industry, the use of timber products in skilled crafts and the fuel wood industry, this sector also embraces key paper customers such as print shops and publishing houses, as well as trade in this raw material.

Substantial timber resources, a modern infrastructure, capable companies and a well-educated work force combine with recognized teaching, research and test facilities to create excellent conditions for constant growth in the timber and forestry industry in the Munich Metropolitan Region. To ensure that things stay that way, the region attaches great importance to cooperation between education, research and practitioners. The region's universities of applied sciences, the German Society for Wood Research (DGFH) in Munich and Rosenheim's timber cluster play a crucial part in delivering on this promise.

International players in the timber industry are located in Rosenheim, as are numerous wood-related educational and information facilities. The city also hosts wood technology conferences and congresses. The Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences is flanked by HIT, a scientific center for wood, information and technology.

Palling im Landkreis Traunstein © Irmgard Obermeier

To the cluster

For more information about the timber and forestry industry, visit www.cluster-forstholzbayern.de.