City of Augsburg

Augsburg is known as a city of innovation. The diesel engine, the Airbus A350, the Ariane booster: Companies in Augsburg certainly do their bit to keep the world moving. Big players such as MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, MT Aerospace, PREMIUM Aerotec and KUKA rub shoulders with any number of small and medium-sized enterprises. All of them give a home to innovation, Augsburg-style.




Augsburg is a center of education for the region. Its two universities teach around 130 courses. An international school, large chamber-run educational establishments and a plethora of commercial education providers keep the local labor pool well educated, offering a varied and plentiful supply of further training and development options.

The University of Augsburg and Augsburg University of Applied Sciences cooperate closely with the local business community. Project groups and organizations such as the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and assorted Fraunhofer institutes are instrumental in spawning innovations, translating theory into successful practice. Intensive collaboration between the business and scientific communities in networks of excellence such as the Mechatronic & Automation Cluster, the Bavarian Environment Cluster, the KUMAS Center of Competence in Environmental Affairs, Carbon Composites (CC e.V.) and the Communication and Information Technology Initiative (kit e.V.) likewise ensure that, in Augsburg, new insights quickly find their way into ground-breaking products.

Marktsonntag in Augsburg © Ruth Plössel


The video of the Innovation Park Augsburg can be found here

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