City of Kaufbeuren

Kaufbeuren is a charming city packed with sights to see and hosting a colorful mix of events. Like the people who live here, the thousands of visitors who come every year find themselves instantly enchanted by its magical spell.




Kaufbeuren presents ideal conditions for businesses and a pleasant setting for employees to live and work in. An intact environment, charming surroundings and a wholesomely laid-back social fabric are powerful arguments for this business location. A rich and varied selection of cultural offerings is there for the taking in this attractive Bavarian city.

The narrow, labyrinthine alleys of the old town lead visitors to all kinds of places of interest. One truly unique feature is the well-preserved city wall. Built around the year 1200, it still boasts the two original towers, one of which – the "Fünfknopf" tower – is the city's best-known landmark. The town hall was built according to plans drafted by Georg Hauberrisser, who later became known for the city halls he erected in Munich and Saarbrücken. Other famous sons and daughters of Kaufbeuren include local poet Ludwig Ganghofer, author Sophie von La Roche and literature prizewinner Hans Magnus Enzensberger.

The city's convent draws thousands of visitors a year and is an important place of pilgrimage. The convent chapel houses the burial shrine of St. Crescentia, whose life is reflected in a collection of precious objects and the story of her veneration at the Crescentia Memorial Museum.

Neugablonz, the largest district of Kaufbeuren, is of much more recent origin. It was founded over 60 years ago by exiles from Bohemia who sought a new start and set about rebuilding their traditional industries from scratch. The Gablonz Industries' interactive exhibition provides visitors with fascinating insights into the world of jewelry, jewelry production and the vast range of products and services that can be purchased from local companies.

The city's charm is only one of the soft factors that are complemented by hard facts in Kaufbeuren's favor. The cost of living here is comparatively low, for example, especially when it comes to rents and property prices. Kaufbeuren's special "home owner subsidy", highly regarded throughout Germany, helps families with children who already live here – and especially those keen to relocate to the area – to afford their own four walls.

The Neptune Fountain in Kaiser-Max-Strasse © Kaufbeuren Marketing

The varied choice of child care facilities and schools meets a very high standard, as does medical care in the region. There are enough nursery places for everyone who wants them and enough creche facilities for everyone who needs one – in keeping with Kaufbeuren's commitment to helping families in particular achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Munich-based HAWE Hydraulik SE was clearly convinced by the city's arguments. Out of around 300 communities in the Greater Munich area, the hydraulic solutions provider chose Kaufbeuren as the venue for its new production plant, investing about 100 million euros – and opening for business in 2014.

An extremely attractive location – midway between Munich and the Allgäu Alps that line the borders with Switzerland and Austria – makes Kaufbeuren the perfect starting point for vacations in the scenic Allgäu region.

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