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Built on tradition and progress, Landshut is very definitely a city with a future. The more than 800 years of turbulent history embodied by the historic old town create the backdrop for some of "old Bavaria's" best living and working conditions.


Landshut is just 60 km northeast of Munich. Home to many major companies, it is the economic heart, cultural center and seat of government of the Lower Bavarian region. More than 68,000 people live within the city walls. The surrounding area is home to approximately 420,000 residents for whom Landshut is the nearest major urban center. Landshut is a mere 20-minute drive from Munich Airport and benefits from the dynamism of the Bavarian capital's urban agglomeration.

Situated on the Isar River and criss-crossed by small streams, the city leaves ample space for people to relax and local fauna to keep to itself. Swimmable lakes in the urban space and along the Isar meadows are flanked by more than enough attractive open spaces for leisure and recreation. Over eight centuries of turbulent history have bequeathed Landshut a singular wealth and diversity of cultural assets, from the Hofmusiktage (a medieval music festival) to the annual reenactment of the historic "Landshut Wedding". Many splendid monuments and historic sites, such as the Church of St. Martin and Trausnitz Castle, simply blend in with the city's everyday routine – as does the whole of the historic old town. On warm summer days, Landshut exudes an almost Mediterranean flair as visitors soak up the atmosphere at street cafés and public squares.

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The Landshut region has experienced positive economic development over the past three decades, giving rise to a diverse mix of industries and crafts. Big-name manufacturing companies and service providers take their place alongside the potent, innovative SMEs that form the backbone of the city's economy.

This development has been facilitated by optimal supraregional traffic and transport links, but also by close contact between the local business community and the Landshut University of Applied Sciences. This symbiosis in particular has become a vital regional interface between academic theory and commercial practice. Strong economic growth (11 percent from 2005 through 2015) is also reflected in an increase in the local population.

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