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Draw a triangle between Munich, Salzburg and Innsbruck, and you will find Rosenheim almost exactly in the middle – in the heart of the Alpine foothills, squeezed in between the majestic mountains, the laid-back Chiemgau region and vibrant, cosmopolitan Munich. To live in Rosenheim is to live where others go on holiday.


Nestled in the most beautiful Alpine upland region of Europe, Rosenheim is a busy economic and cultural center in south Bavaria – and a popular tourist destination in its own right. Its strategic location at the point where the main Berlin-Palermo and Paris-Budapest traffic arteries intersect has helped Rosenheim gain an international reputation as a center of timber competence.

Numerous congresses, exhibitions, cultural events and what experts rate as the best coffee in Germany round off the impressive profile of what is a great place to go shopping and get out and do things. Mountain railways, swimming baths and lakes, skiing resorts and hiking trails invite one and all to go cycling or mountain biking, play golf, go sailing – and that is just the beginning. Wellness and healthcare are also very much on the menu in and around Rosenheim.

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Local customs are lived out here, and traditional costumes are part and parcel of this practice. At the city's fall festival, when Maypoles are erected left, right and center, and at any number of other regular festivities, the region's warm hospitality and casual conviviality really come to the fore. Lake Chiemsee, Herrenchiemsee (home to another of King Ludwig's castles) and another 300 or so lakes contribute to an ambience that is seldom rivaled north of the Alps.

The architecture in the historic city center and on Max-Josefs-Platz bears testimony to Rosenheim's centuries-old tradition of trades and crafts. The nearby Lokschuppen (a converted railway engine shed) ranks as one of the twelve foremost exhibition venues in the country. The city also boasts a very robust and diverse corporate landscape, including the likes of Kathrein, Gabor, Krones, Steelcase and Danone. More than 220,000 m2 of retail space in the heart of the city, over 4,500 central parking spaces and one of Germany's highest centrality ratings are just a few of the statistics that testify to Rosenheim's pre-eminence as a shopping venue.

A healthy selection of research and educational institutes add the finishing brushstrokes to an agreeable overall picture. A high quality of life and a high standard of housing put the city on a par with some of its European rivals in respected location rankings. This dynamic and innovative location is already charting the course for ongoing urban development through 2025. Lighthouse projects such as the redesign of 200,000 m² of railway-owned land point to a bright outlook for Rosenheim's future.

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