County of Altötting

The county of Altötting – light-heartedly referred to as Bavaria's "alpha and omega" (not least due to the AÖ car number plates issued here) – slots in between Munich, Passau and Salzburg. It is home to Bavaria's most significant place of pilgrimage and to the longest castle in the world. Acknowledged as a center of technological expertise, this high-tech region is a figurehead for Bavaria's excellent economic capabilities.



About 80 km east of Munich, close to the borders with Austria and Lower Bavaria, the county of Altötting has a surface area of some 570 km². About 107,000 people live here, and the county's most important towns are Altötting, Neuötting and Burghausen. Marian pilgrimages to the Chapel of Grace in Altötting attract around a million pilgrims a year to the region. Another magnet for visitors is the birthplace of pope emeritus Benedict XVI in Marktl. Burghausen too – the longest castle in the world, at 1,051 meters – exerts a powerful attraction, as does its lovingly restored old town.

The county occupies a picturesque setting on the Inn and Salzach rivers and affords residents a high quality of life. The countryside is shaped by a roughly 10-kilometer-wide plain through which the Inn flows and which, to the north and south, is demarcated by a landscape of lush green hills. This is also where the Salzach joins the Inn, which in turn flows into the Danube in Passau. The region accommodates valuable nature reserves and conservation areas such as the Lower Inn European Nature Reserve (a combined nature conservation area and bird sanctuary), the Geological Organ Pipes in Oberschroffen and the Innleite and Dachlwand conservation area (near Marktl), to name but a few. The county of Altötting also boasts more than a hundred natural monuments. An extensive selection of leisure pursuits covers everything from swimmable lakes and keep-fit trails to go-cart tracks and golf courses, as well as countless cycle paths (around 440 km) and hiking trails.

It goes without saying fans of the Bavarian lifestyle, folk music and quaint beer gardens will not be disappointed. The picture is completed by cultural events such as the "Summer of Culture" at Schloss Tüssling and the annual Burghausen jazz festival.

The county of Altötting is a capable and forward-looking region for investment. Bavaria's "chemical triangle" is a successful economic location that has attracted a large number of key international players. Burghausen is thus home both to Wacker Chemie's biggest plant and to OMV Deutschland GmbH's petrochemical refinery, as well as possessing its own freight terminal. Burgkirchen has Bavaria's biggest industry park, populated by more than 30 companies in basic and specialty chemicals, plastics, power supply and industrial services. Small and medium-sized enterprises, traditional firms and family-owned companies all give the county a unique standing among Bavaria's economically strong counties. Forceful upward momentum in the region shows that the prevailing conditions could not be better!

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