County of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen

Those who know the county cannot help but think of pristine, picture-book scenery when they hear mention of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen: Alpine foothills dotted with clear blue lakes and lush green woods, stocky cows grazing on grassy mountain pastures, traditional Bavarian villages, onion-domed churches, painted house walls and brightly colored flowers adorning venerable farmsteads.




A total surface area of almost exactly 1,111 km² makes the county of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen the fourth-largest in Upper Bavaria. It is about 51 km across from north to south and about 30 km across from west to east. Its 498 towns and villages are grouped into 21 communities, including the three larger towns of Bad Tölz, Geretsried and Wolfratshausen. All in all, the county's 122,000 residents give it a population density of 109 people per square kilometer.

Benediktbeuern Abbey and the Marktstrasse in Bad Tölz are prime examples of the county's rich ecclesiastical heritage and historic buildings.

Hard facts and figures underpin the county's leading position in nature and landscape conservation. Mapped biotopes, for example, account for fully 17% of the county's total surface area – a higher proportion than any other county in Germany. If water is truly the stuff of life, then life must be here in abundance, because no one actually knows the total number of rivers, becks, ponds and pools. Officially, bodies of water cover 5.1 percent of the county's surface area, i.e. more than 5,600 hectares. Few regions provide so many attractive facilities for fun, games and sport to locals and visitors alike, and that all year round. Three popular examples include spectacular maneuvering on Isar rafts, spruced-up thoroughbreds riding out on the annual Leonhardifahrt – and simply enjoying what nature has to offer among the wild herbs and plants growing in the Tölzer Land region.

The spectrum of resident companies and industries in the county of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen ranges from family-run craft firms to global players. With midsized companies as its mainstay, the county is an attractive business location. A high standard of education, stable jobs and apprenticeships, highly regarded universities, a good infrastructure, an enviable position in the heart of Europe, a business-friendly climate and low unemployment have all long since helped Munich's "uplands" to become a powerful magnet for companies within the Munich Metropolitan Region.

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