County of Ebersberg

A green heart beats forcefully to the east of Munich! The county of Ebersberg's fortuitous location links the foothills of the Alps to the dynamic economic area surrounding the Bavarian capital.




The county of Ebersberg lies east of Munich, between Erding, Wasserburg and Rosenheim. A surface area of 550 km2 and a population of around 135,000 position it around mid-table in terms of the size of Bavaria's counties. In terms of quality of life, however, the county consistently commands a high rank not only in the Munich Metropolitan Region, but in nationwide ranking tables. Essentially, it offers a near-perfect mix of natural, family-friendly and education-oriented living space with an innovative, forward-looking economy.

Cultural landscapes typical of Bavaria dovetail seamlessly with pristine natural areas. Recreation-seekers can look forward not only to the biggest sub-Alpine forest area in southern Germany, but also to a singularly varied landscape formed and fashioned by successive ice ages. The Isen-Sempt hills bring a scenic end to the flat, spacious alluvial Munich plain to the northwest, while the picturesque Inn-Chiemsee hills serve a similar function south of the county of Ebersberg. Numerous hiking trails and cycle paths provide access to cultural sights and an inviting gastronomic scene. A flourishing landscape of clubs and culture likewise testifies to the vitality and health of local communities in which social cohesion, values and pro bono service are all as firmly anchored as ever.

The A99 and A94 freeways guarantee fast road access to the county of Ebersberg, whose distance from Munich Airport can only be described as ideal: far enough away to be free of the burden of aircraft noise, but near enough for locals to reach the terminal building in under an hour. Good mobility by road thus complements well-developed local public transport offerings: Two commuter rail (S-bahn) lines link the county to Munich's mass transit network, and bus lines connect even to smaller towns and villages.

Ebersberg Forest © County of Ebersberg

A solid mix of small firms, potent midsized companies and global players forms the backbone of the economy in the county of Ebersberg. A jobless rate that regularly drops below 2.5 percent speaks for itself. On this score, Ebersberg ranked tenth out of a good 400 German counties and cities for the year 2014 as a whole. Four high schools, four junior high schools and two special educational development centers are busily preparing the next generation for a life of gainful employment. Intact farming and forestry operations supply the region with literally home-grown food and energy.

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