County of Eichstätt

The county of Eichstätt is the geographic midpoint of Bavaria. It is also exactly halfway between Munich and Nuremberg, and between Augsburg and Regensburg. It thus seems destined to be in the middle of everything – except the unemployment table, where it ranks among Germany's very best.




Situated in the southern part of the Fränkische Alb region, the county is famous for the unique Altmühltal countryside that became a nature reserve in 1969. Occupying such a central location brings many advantages to the county of Eichstätt. Easy access to the key Bavarian centers of Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg and Regensburg keeps every option open, while Ingolstadt is practically on the city's doorstep. Two international airports are within a 100-km radius. The A9 Munich-Berlin freeway – the principal traffic and transport axis in the region – runs straight through the middle of the county. Similarly, high-speed rail links connect to national destinations at speeds of up to 300 km/h. The Rhine-Main-Danube Canal also gives the county access to Europe's inland waterway transport network.

The dynamic labor market in the county of Eichstätt and the Ingolstadt region scores top marks in Germany with regard to population growth, average age, gainfully employed population, employment rate and unemployment. The county's jobless rate of around 2 percent is the lowest in the country and has given the region full employment for years. Industry and the related service sector in and around Ingolstadt have the most formative influence on the structure of the local economy. At the same time, improvements in agricultural structures are driving a transition from farming to the energy industry that is also causing the region's rural spaces to gain new prominence.

Former prince-bishop's residence in Eichstätt © Eichstätt County Administration Office

The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt is one of two Catholic universities in Germany and boasts a curriculum that goes far beyond the bounds of theology. Its courses in journalism, political science and sociology scored top grades in an array of recent surveys. The university plays an important part in meeting strong demand for highly qualified specialists, especially in the automotive industry.

The county of Eichstätt is at the core of the Altmühltal Nature Park. The varied, historic countryside opens up excellent recreational possibilities for locals and tourists alike. Attractive homes and housing sites in good locations are both available and affordable. Since 2004, the county of Eichstätt has had the lowest per-capita debt ratio in Germany and also commands enviable slots for its quality of life and future prospects, ranking 14th out of 401 counties and cities in a Focus Money study and 34th out of 412 counties and cities in Prognos' Future Atlas in 2010.



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