County of Freising

Attractively situated between the Bavarian capital and Hallertau, the biggest hop-growing space in the world, the county of Freising is one of Germany's most forward-looking regions.


The county of Freising extends from the Isar River in the south to Hallertau in the north. It is here that elements fundamental to every beer are harvested in the world's biggest contiguous hop-growing region. And it is here that the full spectrum of life science capabilities is bundled at the green academic and research campus in Freising-Weihenstephan. Close proximity to Munich, a central location in Europe, excellent transit links (two freeways and a main-line rail link) and good international connections thanks to Munich Airport constitute unique advantages for the county of Freising's business and scientific communities and for its labor market.

People enjoy living here. The infrastructure (child care, every conceivable type of school, universities, recreational facilities and medical care) is superb, as are traffic and transport links, all of which exerts a magnetic pull on employers and employees alike. Leisure time can be devoted to discovering treasures of art, the beauty of nature and deeply ingrained local customs. A variety of surveys and studies in recent years have regularly given very good ratings to the county. Whichever ratio or metric you choose – the unemployment rate, value added, net migration, the number of gainfully employed persons – or even if you simply ask "How good is life where you live?", the county of Freising always comes close to the top of the class. It is both cosmopolitan and home-loving – which perhaps explains why it feels so good to live here.

A healthy mix of capable craft firms, innovative medium-sized companies and large global players is a distinctive feature of the county's economy. It is much sought-after as a place to do business and enjoys one of the lowest jobless rates in the whole of Germany. Service occupations rank highly in terms of value creation and are the mainstay of the region's growth. Three quarters of the county's economic output is realized by trade, commerce and services, with agriculture now only accounting for one percent. Figuring among the country's top venues for biotechnology and logistics, the region also fears no comparison with other locations in the field of nutrition, food science and information and communication technology.

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Susanne Bauer

Freising County Administration Office
Economic Development and Tourism

Phone: +49 (0)8161 600-206