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The county of Kelheim is synonymous with economic strength and a wonderful quality of life in the heart of Bavaria! In a "livability" study conducted recently by the Focus news magazine, it came a very impressive sixth out of 402 German counties and cities.


Situated in the geographical heart of Bavaria, with the regional centers of Regensburg and Ingolstadt as two of its nearest neighbors, the county of Kelheim benefits from exceptional economic and strategic advantages such as excellent transport links by road (A93), rail (the Ingolstadt-Regensburg line) and inland waterway (the Main-Danube Canal, which has an industrial port in Kelheim-Saal). Munich Airport is just an hour's drive away.

Extraordinary natural diversity – numerous local recreation areas (the Danube, the Altmühltal nature reserve, the Hallertau hop-growing region and health resorts in Bad Abbach and Bad Gögging), plus a whole menu of delicious regional products (including Altmühltaler lamb and asparagus from Abensberg) – underwrites a high quality of life in the county of Kelheim. There are many good reasons why tourism here is booming. Here are just two of them: the Danube and Altmühltal valleys, whose cycle paths and hiking trails are known far beyond the region and which are situated in remarkable natural surroundings (the Danube gorge at "Weltenburger Enge", the Altmühltal nature reserve and the Hallertau hop-growing region); and a long list of very special touristic and cultural attractions (including Weltenburg Abbey, the Kelheim Hall of Liberation, the Roman fort Abusina in Eining near Bad Gögging, Kuchlbauer Tower, built in Abensberg to plans drawn up by Friedrich Hundertwasser, and the climatic spa Riedenburg in the Altmühltal valley).

Weltenburg Abbey © Kelheim Office of Tourism

The economic strength of the county of Kelheim is largely attributable to its ideal location, nestled between pulsating regional centers such as Regensburg, Ingolstadt, Landshut and, a mere hour's ride away in the car, the Bavarian capital.

Midsized companies and craft firms, automotive suppliers, metalworking outfits and mechanical engineering businesses, the chemical industry and electrical engineering together form the backbone of the region's manufacturing sector.

Well-known players in the county include PCO AG in Kelheim (maker of the fastest industrial cameras in the world), Wolf GmbH in Mainburg (heating and air-conditioning systems) and the Kuchlbauer "art brewery", complete with Kuchlbauer Tower, in Abensberg.

Excellent vocational and school education facilities command high priority among the county's administrators, and close proximity to Regensburg, which boasts two universities, is an obvious advantage.

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