County of Ostallgäu

In the foothills of the Alps between the Ammer and Tannheimer mountains, where Bavaria's beauty pulls out all the stops – that is where you find Ostallgäu.


In days gone by, even the kings of Bavaria were so enchanted by the peerless charm, the magic of this region that they decided to stay here. King Max II converted the castle ruins at Hohenschwangau into his holiday residence. Right opposite, his son, Bavaria's fairytale King Ludwig II, chose higher ground to bring a bold dream to life. Ever since, Neuschwanstein Castle has been the unmistakable emblem of this truly royal region.

Surrounded by Ostallgäu's unique scenery, merely going home from work feels like going away on vacation. At the same time, a fine portfolio of social services, medical care, child care facilities and schools also do their bit to keep life and work in this region an enjoyable experience. Nearly four million overnight stays a year make the county of Ostallgäu one of Germany's foremost holiday regions. Aside from the world-famous castles and palaces, visitors also love its extensive network of cycle paths and hiking trails, as well as the multiplicity of water sports facilities on assorted lakes. From concerts in Neuschwanstein to traditional events, the region's cultural offerings too are nuanced, varied and attractive.

Neuschwanstein Castle © Gundermann

Ostallgäu is happy to prove wrong those who associate it with nothing but cows and castles! While the public perception gives pride of place to agriculture and tourism, the county of Ostallgäu is first and foremost a flourishing economic region with a fast-growing base of mostly midsized industrial companies. Manufacturing accounts for about 50 percent of jobs in the region – more than the national average. The county's industrial tradition indeed goes back more than a century. The invention of powdered milk (by what is now Nestlé AG) and tractor engineering (by AGCO-Fendt) laid the cornerstones. Today, Ostallgäu rests on a firm economic foundation, with mechanical engineering and metalworking ranking among its biggest employers.

The county has excellent road and rail links. The A96 and A7 freeways combine with the national highways B12, B16, B17, B309 and B 472 to provide good access to every corner. Rail links approach from Memmingen, Augsburg and Munich via the Buchloe node. In Buchloe, a regular and frequent train service links Marktoberdorf with Füssen. Allgäu Airport now also offers tourists and business travelers alike an excellent new way to reach the gates of Ostallgäu by air.

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Who to contact

Peter Däubler

Head of Economic Affairs
Ostallgäu County Administration Office

Phone: +49 (0)8342 911-480

Andreas Neukam

Economic Development
Ostallgäu County Administration Office

Phone: +49 (0)8342 911-482