County of Weilheim-Schongau

Beautiful mountains, Baroque architecture and beer gardens! The 159 churches and abbeys in what is known as the Pfaffenwinkel ("Priests' Corner") region are, so they say, a reflection of heaven on Earth. And believe it or not, Weilheim-Schongau extends from the foothills of the Alps to the water's edge – the water in question being Lake Ammersee and Lake Starnberg, the Ostersee lakes to the east, Haslacher lake to the west and three significant rivers: the Loisach, Ammer and Lech. These natural beauty spots, together with hinterland that is every bit as easy on the eye, give Weilheim-Schongau its unmistakable appeal.


The county of Weilheim-Schongau lies on the western edge of Upper Bavaria, bordering on Swabia. Both dialects are commonly heard here. Three main towns – Penzberg, Weilheim and Schongau – give the county as many enchanting shopping venues that cover all the bases. The famous Wies Church near Steingaden – listed as a World Heritage Site on account of its architectural purity – and the Raisting radome vividly illustrate the region's typical links between historic art and innovative technology. Together with the mystic mountain of Auerberg, the popular Eibenwald forest near Paterzell and the "Rigi" (or Hoher Peissenberg mount), these attractions let the 130,000 or so inhabitants of this "land before the mountains" live in a place that is rich in culture and uniquely attractive.

The majestic backdrop of the Alps, crystal-clear mountain lakes, gently rolling hills, bucolic communities, delightful market towns and prosperous larger towns are the ingredients that give the Pfaffenwinkel region its distinctive flavor. Picture-postcard churches rub shoulders with imposing abbeys. Given their sheer weight of numbers, however, few have extensive grounds and gardens. Traditional customs shaped largely by the clergy (including processions on foot and on horseback, horse markets, etc.) are still upheld to this day.

Yet the county also has room for the famous Buchheim Museum, as well as for progressive art and cultural forms. Vacationers and day-trippers alike value the local blend of art, culture and nature. Above all, they put the extensive network of hiking trails to good use to explore the picturesque countryside.

Weilheim-Schongau is a top-quality location, featuring modern jobs and apprenticeships with bright prospects in innovative industries, a well-endowed education landscape with tailor-made offerings, a solid infrastructure, sumptuous scenery, excellent leisure facilities, but land prices that are still affordable for both young families and ambitious companies – all virtually on Munich's doorstep.

The county's successful transition from what was once an agricultural and mining community to a modern business location makes it an attractive place to live and work. For machine toolmakers, mechanical engineers, automotive suppliers, machining technicians, medical researchers and developers, down-to-earth craft firms, customer-oriented service providers, you name it: The county of Weilheim-Schongau's mix of industries has something for everyone!

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