Culture in the Munich Metropolitan Region

The Munich Metropolitan Region trumps up with cultural events of international caliber. An array of historic festivals and traditional events in the cities and out in the country are part of the region's lifestyle just as much as visits to the opera, theater or one of the countless museums. Or, of course, a visit to the Oktoberfest. Yet there is also plenty room for youthful and less mainstream expressions of culture. You may be in for quite a surprise!

Theater und Freilichtbühnen
Theater und Freilichtbühnen

Bavaria's state opera house is one of the most venerable stages in the Free State, looking back on a more than 350-year history. International stars grace it with their presence, while the opera house's own pit orchestra is one of the best in the world. Similar respect and renown is commanded by Munich's Kammerspiele, the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel and the Gärtnerplatz Staatstheater, too.

A raft of top-ranking castles, palaces and monasteries - Nymphenburg, Dachau, Schleissheim, Benediktbeuern and Neuschwanstein, to name but a few - add to the region's diverse array of cultural pursuits, as do music festivals such as the Richard Strauss Festival in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the International Jazz Week in Burghausen. On top of these attractions come a whole series of private, independent stage shows, cabarets and theater set-ups presenting exquisite modern productions.

The Munich Metropolitan Region is also home to renowned composers: The Carl Orff Museum on Lake Ammersee and the Richard Strauss Institute in Garmisch-Partenkirchen testify to this aspect of the region's history.

Similarly, the region's literature scene is not only varied and vibrant today but steeped in a very rich tradition. Author and playwright Bertholt Brecht was a native of Augsburg, where his birthplace has become a museum and memorial to his work. Writer Marie-Luise Fleisser's roots can be traced to the "Fleisserhaus" in Ingolstadt, where she lived for more than 60 years. A documentation center has been established in her birthplace to commemorate her life and work.

Munich's Literaturhaus, its celebrated Literature Festival and an annual Thriller Festival ("Krimifestival") combine with an extensive international youth library in Schloss Blutenburg and a quirky and diverse poetry slam scene to keep literature well and truly alive in the Munich Metropolitan Region.

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