Child care and schools

The region's standing as a European metropolitan region is underscored by the varied and international selection of educational and child care facilities on offer here. The region accommodates a number of multinational companies and is also home to a series of international and bilingual educational facilities, from nurseries to a variety of schools. Many children and families benefit from these offerings.

Child care

For working parents in particular, child care is a very important subject. The cities, counties and communities in the Munich Metropolitan Region apply themselves to meeting this need in cooperation with the Bavarian state government. Together, these administrations are working together to quickly and intensively ramp up the availability of child care facilities. The growing number of children's day-care facilities and other, similar services is reflected in the percentage of children in attendance. In Bavaria, the proportion of children who attend child care facilities was up by 2.3 percent in 2013. In the under-threes age bracket, the year-on-year increase at Bavarian day care centers and publicly subsidized nurseries was as high as 9.2 percent in the same year.

The average care ratio among under-threes in the Munich Metropolitan Region is 20.98 percent, whereas the corresponding figure for the City of Munich is 30.8 percent – and counting.

An overview of the many and varied offerings available in the region and details of options for financial support is provided on the website of Work in Bavaria [access data is required for this website].


Bavaria has a three-tiered school system whose aim is to help each pupil find their own individual educational trajectory. Special attention is paid to the principle of open access: Each completed school certificate entitles the child to attend the next-highest school in order to achieve the next-highest educational qualification.

A diagram visualizing the school system and providing detailed explanations of the different types of schools and grades is provided here:

Are you looking for the right school for your child in the region? The Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture has a school search engine (in German only) on its website: 
This engine helps you quickly and easily find the right kind of school near you. You can also set filters to search for special requirements such as bilingual classes, full-day schools and child care facilities.

Information about all key dates, holidays and enrolment deadlines is published here (in German only):

As the proverb says, however : "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." In other words, leisure and recreation are another important part of children's development, above and beyond suitable schools and child care facilities. Fun leisure pursuits, exciting vacation programs and extracurricular educational offerings can all enrich and enhance children's regular routine. A list of some of these facilities for children and young people is provided here: Leisure facilities for children and young people

International and bilinguals in the Munich Metropolitan Region

State Schools

Oskar-von-Miller-Gymnasium München
Siegfriedstr. 22 • 80803 München
Phone +49 (0)89 3 80 16 90 • Fax -940
High school with bilingual classes, a strong emphasis on languages and music and a focus on mathematics and science

Dante-Gymnasium München
Wackersberger Str. 61 • 81371 München
Phone +49 (0)89 23 34 33-00 • Fax -02
Language-focused high school with bilingual classes; core subjects for all children: 3 foreign languages

Lycée Francais Jean Renoir
Berlepschstrasse 3; • 81373 München
Phone +49 (0)89 72 10 07-0 • Fax -730
Preschool, nursery, elementary school and high School

Gymnasium Bad Aibling
Westendstr. 6a • 83043 Bad Aibling
Phone +49 (0)8061 90 68-0 • Fax -19
Bilingual classes

Dom-Gymnasium Freising
Domberg 3 - 5 • 85354 Freising
Phone +49 (0)8161 54 -290000 • Fax -39000
High school focused on language and the humanities; classes with bilingual aspects; full-day school

Private schools

Munich International School
Schloss Buchhof • 82319 München
Phone +49 (0)81 51 3 66-0 • Fax -119
All tuition is in English

Bavarian International School
Haupstr. 1 • 85778 Haimhausen
Phone +49 (0)8133 9 17-0 • Fax -135
All tuition is in English

European School Munich
Elise-Aulinger-Straße 21 • 81739 München
Phone +49 (0)89 62 81 6-0 • Fax -444
For the children of European Patent Office employees; external children accepted if capacity Permits

International School Augsburg
Wernher -von-Braun-Str. 1a •
86368 Gersthofen
Phone +49 (0)82145 55 60-0 • Fax -10

Swiss International School Ingolstadt e.V.
Jurastraße 2 • 85049 Ingolstadt
Phone +49 (0)841 12 84 526 • Fax 13 98 059
Nursery, elementary school and high school, bilingual tuition in German and English

International Montessori School
Lerchenstr. 14 •80995 München
Phone +49 (0)89 35 47 49 90 • Fax +49 (0) 89/35 74 70 13
Elementary school, bilingual tuition in German and English

Islamische Schule
Freisinger Landstr. 40/40a
80939 München
Phone +49 (0)89 3 22 62 45

Japan International School Munich
Bleyerstr.4 • 81371 München
Phone +49 (0)89 7 48 57 30 • Fax +49 (0) 89/78 92 63

Greek Lyceum München
Ungsteiner Str. 46 • 81539 München
Phone +49 (0)89 68 80 03 95

Jüdische Volkschule München »Sinai«
St. -Jakobs-Platz 18 • 80331 München
Phone +49 (0)89 20 24 00-418