Vehicular and cycle traffic

A tightly meshed freeway network criss-crosses the Munich Metropolitan Region, extending into the entire region in a kind of star topology and connecting it to neighboring regions. A lot is also being done for the region's cycle traffic infrastructure.



The most important road links in the region are the two traffic axes Paris-Stuttgart-Augsburg-Munich-Rosenheim-Salzburg-Italy (A8) and Berlin-Nuremberg-Ingolstadt-Munich-Innsbruck-Italy (A9). Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, a third major traffic axis – Zurich-Lindau-Munich-Regensburg-Prague-Warsaw (A96/A93) – has also seen its significance increase considerably. The A99 ring freeway around Munich eases congestion at this busy node and redirects national and interregional traffic around the Bavarian capital.

Major expansion projects have been completed in the past few years, while others are still in progress. The A94 from Munich via Mühldorf/Inn, Passau and Linz on to Vienna is currently being widened. The important four-lane B17 link between Augsburg (A8) and Landsberg (A96) and the B15 link between Regensburg (A93), Landshut (A92) and Rosenheim (A8) are of tremendous importance to the performance and capacity of the region's entire road network.




Cycle traffic too plays an important part in the life of the Munich Metropolitan Region. Besides its use for tourism in rural areas, cycle traffic is also playing an increasingly prominent role in local communities and counties. In addition to the cities of Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Landshut and Munich and the counties of Augsburg and Starnberg, eleven communities that belong to various administrative counties are also members of the AGFK working group for cycle-friendly communities in Bavaria. Members of this working group actively seek to promote more cycle traffic, a better quality of life and better protection for the environment. Together with German cycling club ADFC, the Munich Metropolitan Region too is committed to promoting cycle traffic. One recent cooperative venture produced a flyer detailing green cycle routes into Munich from the surrounding region.

Green cycle tours

"Green routes" give cyclists fast ways to avoid traffic and get around Munich.