Working in the Munich Metropolitan Region

Every year sees more newcomers arriving in the Munich Metropolitan Region from elsewhere in Germany, Europe and around the globe. With an eye-catching set of core competencies ranging from healthcare to mechanical engineering to environmental technology to the cultural and creative industries, the region combines diversity with economic success – and offers a wealth of attractive job opportunities in all kinds of lines of business.

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Direct links to the career web pages of attractive employers, ordered by industry and region, are available – together with a host of other information about living and working in the region – at (available in German only).

Labor market

An enviable outlook: The unemployment rate in the Munich Metropolitan Region stands at just 3.4 percent (data valid in 2016). This figure is significantly below the national jobless average of 6.1 percent.

The Munich Metropolitan Region also holds out excellent career development prospects. Whether you are looking for an apprenticeship or trainee program or seeking employment as a specialist or executive, the sheer diversity of industries, coupled with the region's powerful economic performance, opens up labor market and promotion opportunities in every conceivable area.

Looking for work

Are you looking for a job in the Munich Metropolitan Region? The ideal place to get you started is the Bavaria-wide job portal run by the "Work in Bavaria" initiative. This platform gives you fast, easy access to job vacancies in all kinds of categories, lines of work and industries. For more information, visit


Here is a list of other job portals and useful sources of information (available in German only) to help you find your dream job in the Munich Metropolitan Region:

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