Training and education

In the Munich Metropolitan Region and in the whole of Bavaria, the successful "dual vocational training system" prepares young people to launch their career. These "sandwich courses" combine on-the-job training with classroom tuition at a vocational school or academy – the perfect blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

The region also offers all kinds of training offerings tailored to specific life situations and requirements profiles.

Need help? Have any questions? Advice on training and apprenticeship fairs

The City of Munich's Education Advice Service provides free, independent advice on schooling, higher education, vocational training and advanced training. This service is also open to residents of the Munich Metropolitan Region who do not live in Munich itself:

Details of the apprenticeship fairs and educational advice services provided by the Chambers of Crafts and Small Industries are published at the following websites:

  • Chamber of Crafts and Small Industries for Lower Bavaria/Oberpfalz:

Details of the apprenticeship fairs and educational advice services provided by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry are published at the following websites:

  • Apprenticeship fairs organized by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry:
    In addition to a search tool, this site also lets you create your own "situations wanted" advertisement in order to contact a potential apprenticing firm via the matching process.

Part-time training

There are life situations in which it is hard to strike the right balance between training and family life. In such cases, it is possible to participate in part-time training in the Munich Metropolitan Region. The arrangements allow people to reduce their working hours wherever circumstances such as child-rearing and the need to care for relatives arise. A minimum of 25 hours a week must be devoted to training.

Further information and support can be obtained from the educational advice services of the various chambers.

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Combined study courses

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Similar to the dual vocational training system, combined study courses combine vocational training at a company with university studies. Theory and practice are thus closely intertwined, leading to both an apprenticeship diploma and a bachelor's degree.

For more information, please go here:

Hochschule dual - eine Initiative von Hochschule Bayern e.V.

Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern

Handwerkskammer Niederbayern-Oberpfalz

Recognition of foreign vocational qualifications

If you completed your schooling, vocational training or higher education outside Germany, you will normally need official German recognition of your qualifications if wish to launch a career in this country. To this end, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has created the Recognition in Germany platform. Using the Recognition Finder tool on this website should help you find the right organization to contact to obtain recognition.

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Advanced training

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"To stand still is to regress" is the motto of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Lower Bavaria. And for good reason, because ongoing education and lifelong learning are imperative for anyone who wants to master new career challenges. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Chambers of Crafts and Small Industries are among a number of organizations that offer attractive advanced training programs ranging from one-day courses to complex educational programs.

Information about areas of advanced training, funding options and who to contact is posted on the following websites: